Xzibit Solutions

Launched in 2006 as full service marketing and tradeshow display company, Xzibit Solutions provides Canadian businesses with creative solutions for clients’ marketing needs. With the advent of mobile technologies, the company continues to introduce innovative and interactive ways to engage, entertain, and educate users about the products on display.

Xzibit Solutions provides its clients with years of experience in creating tradeshow and marketing displays of all sizes. While the small, portable displays take as little as five days to complete, the custom displays take anywhere between three to five weeks to design and produce according to the clients’ specifications.

As a full service exhibit company, Xzibit Solutions supports clients with ongoing display maintenance and logistics throughout Canada. Today, with a large percentage of repeat business, the company’s production employs 15 highly-skilled employees, serving 76 clients in 2011 alone, including marketing companies that use Xzibit Solutions’ display marketing specialization. As such, the company served some of the major Canadian companies such as Air Canada, Bell Canada, Bank of Montreal, Campbell’s, IBM, Miele, and Royal Bank of Canada.

The company’s experience provides its clients with what they need the most — solutions and support for every type of event, aligning client’s business with suitable tradeshow architecture. Jason Godfrey, the President of Xzibit Solutions, told The Canadian Business Journal, “We create, build, store, setup and dismantle displays to our clients’ display requirements. We produce portable as well as large tradeshow displays, and provide all the logistics in between. We service tradeshows, mall displays or any other marketing displays. While a part of the work is ‘off-the-shelf’ so to speak, we found that the majority of our solutions requires a certain level of customization, and that is mostly because we want to provide our clients with the best possible outcome for their display project. The project customization has become the strongpoint of our success.”

To better service its clients, Xzibit Solutions also offers service support across Canada. “We have employees and partnerships nationally and across North America who provide display installations and maintenance for our clients, whether it’s a tradeshow, a store or mall display, and so on. This reliable support network allows us to better serve our clients and in return execute on time and on budget.”

Tradeshow Logistics

Attending key tradeshows can mean the difference between surviving and thriving for a company; however businesses only have a limited timeframe to plan, organize and make decisions concerning tradeshows. This is where Toronto-based tradeshow display specialists Xzibit Solutions step in. For a business, organizing a tradeshow attendance is a complex process with ever-present potential for disaster, while presenting the best of the company business. That is why Xzibit Solutions offers clients full support during these exciting but trying times, managing everything from exhibit development to event logistics. On the day of the tradeshow, Xzibit Solutions team delivers the logistics and the display installation so the clients can focus on what they do best — present their product and service in the best light to potential clients. One of company’s greatest strengths is its willingness to go the extra mile. In the case of Xzibit Solutions, it’s offering 24-hour support on top of superior display solutions.

Product Offering

The company recently added the new Eclipse modular and Xpression stand fabric displays. Eclipse represents one of the most sought-after modular displays on the tradeshow display market. It makes a client’s tradeshow booth stand out against others and it makes a more favourable impression on the audience compared to its competition, offering a superior return on investment. The Xpression is constructed of a tensed fabric, making it lightweight, cost-effective, easy to clean and wrinkle free with endless configurations and layouts. This display offers a perfect solution for companies that travel with a limited number of staff.

The Future of Display Marketing

Xzibit Solutions continues to improve and raise the level of service and product offering to its clients. To do this successfully, the company keeps a close eye on the developments in the industry and the rise of the more interactive display solutions. “We found that the market is changing from waiting for the market to come to you – represented by tradeshows – to catching clients in their environment, such as shopping malls, subway stations, outdoor festivals — places anywhere where the potential customers gather, making marketing display solutions more proactive.”

Xzibit Solutions provides tradeshow displays and exhibit services that never let clients down, and does its part to make sure every tradeshow, marketing endeavor, and exhibition proceeds with the utmost attention to client satisfaction.