Yahoo Top 10 Life Coaches Who Will Elevate Your Life in 2021

NEW YORK, April 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In today’s world, the importance of having a proper mindset is a key factor in achieving success and living a happy life. Having the underlying belief of taking control of your own destiny, and working through one’s problems is something everyone should take advantage of.

According to Building Your Authority, finding the right coach is a simple and effective way to raise your awareness and help you reach your desired goals. Luckily, this top 10 list is filled with confident and creative life coaches who will work with you to develop new practices and break old habits. The top 1% in their niche, these coaches are the best in their industry. Each person provides their own unique techniques and creative approach that will help elevate your life in 2021.

1.Michelle Hannah (@michelle_r_hannah)

Meet Dr. Michelle R. Hannah, our number one choice for life coaches in 2021. Dr. Michelle R. Hannah is a personal & business relationship coach, public speaker, and author of four books. Michelle is the originator of The Self Vows Program-Seven Vows Program That Will Change Your Life emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually. These vows will help you divorce the fake self and marry the authentic you! Clients have found freedom, love, and 50% growth in their business. Michelle has made several appearances on TV, Radio, Podcasts, and has been featured on several blogs. She was recently featured in various articles for CBS, FOX & NBC. Dr. Michelle has helped thousands globally live authentically in their relationships and business through her Seven Vows. The 4B’s is the first step to ushering you into the Self Vows Program – Seven Vows That Will Change Your Life – designed to free you of the fake self, find love, and teach you how to pivot personally and professionally in a crisis. To find out more on how you can live a more fulfilling and liberating life, visit her website.

2.Tina Boson (tina.boson)

Tina Boson, Founder & CEO of TB Consulting – a prominent HR consulting and life coach service that specializes in meeting the holistic needs of all mankind: professionally, socially, and spiritually. They are known for having an outstanding success rate of mentoring youth and young adults from high school & college into the workplace & turning some stay-at-home moms into executives and entrepreneurs. TB Consulting is also known for having a strong influential resource for mending broken marriages and family relationships. Tina has been recognized as a “Woman on the Move” by corporate logistics leaders, actively sharing content globally as a thought Leader for Women Information Network (WIN), and recently hosting the 2021 International Women’s Day Conference with Paula Fellingham; while sharing inspirational music as therapy to motivate others towards Winning.  Tina regularly shares life-changing content with her community via her website where you can join her today; because she has the impeccable ability to assist you with your next life transition, by turning your dream into your destiny.

 3. Rachel Mohr (@Rachelmohrcoaching)

 As a high achiever herself whose successes include graduating Magna cum laude, achieving the number one rank nationally multiple times in her corporate career, and owning and running multiple successful businesses while juggling motherhood, Rachel understands the high costs of being a people-pleaser and knows how to support you to reach that next level with ease and grace. One of her superpowers is truly hearing what is being said, distilling it down, and helping you discover manageable and aligned action steps that you’re excited to take. Rachel Mohr Coaching services currently include speaking, workshops, one-on-one coaching, group coaching and her “Vibrant You! Vibrant Life!” 90-Day Transformational Program. Rachel walks alongside you, equipping you with the necessary proven tools and strategies to reconnect with your joy and vitality, to think better, to feel better, and to be better so that you can experience a more deliberate, magical way of living and make the impact you’re here to make. Check out her website.

4.  Anita k (@anitaksolutions)

Anita K is a certified Life Coach at Anita K Solutions and the author of Behaving Bravely. Among one of the top South Asian Female coaches, Anita K has influenced and impacted individuals with her BRAVE system. Her new perspectives offer a  bottom-line personal impact on her client’s well-being through developing what she coined benevoliefs.” As in her own story, what she experienced she now dedicates to collaborate with others on how one can stop being held hostage to limiting beliefs through benevolent choices. Clients who have used her BRAVE methods have reported significant improvements in their situations and attitudes, such as enhanced self-esteem, coping with adversity, and achieving their meaningful goals. Anita K has appeared on nationally syndicated TV and Radio advocating how we can all stay BRAVE. For more information contact her on Instagram or email.

5. Farrah Smith (coachfarrahsmith)

Farrah Smith is the Founder of Farrah Smith Coaching. She is a Certified Life Coach and CIJ Insight for Life Instructor. For over 20 years, Farrah has inspired, coached, and mentored youth from different backgrounds. Her gift is connecting and uplifting teens, no matter who they are or what their struggles might be. Farrah helps her students overcome stress and mental limitations, empowering them to realize and live up to their full potential. She provides all the tools teens need to lead happier, more productive, successful, and purposeful lives. Coach Farrah gives her students the gift of a growth mindset. While she offers parents a less stressed and more mindful, motivated, and self-aware child. She currently offers one-on-one coaching, a three-week foundations course, and a six-week Insight for Life program. To find out more about Coach Farrah visit her website.

6. Georges Cordoba (coach.georges)

Georges Cordoba (@coach.georges) is the founder of Qualevita (Quality of Life). As a survivor of advanced melanoma with metastasis of eight brain tumors, two of them inoperable, Reiki teacher and best-selling author and speaker, he helps people dealing with cancer or the threat of it transform their health and find their life purpose through his Transformational Holistic Health programs. These programs are focused on his clients’ integral health. They can expect a total transformation of their holistic self (body, mind, and spirit) and their purpose in life. Georges states, “cancer is a divine touch in your being with a message for you; hey, you are killing yourself, you need to change your lifestyle.” If you are dealing with cancer or have a relative or friend dealing with the disease or want to prevent it, schedule a complimentary consulting session.

7. Melina Panetta (@melina.panetta)

Melina Panetta is a Wealth Mindset Coach and Business Mentor for creative entrepreneurs. Her in-depth knowledge of wealth is perfect for women who are looking to uplevel both their money and spirituality and to step into their power.  Seven months after leaving her 9-5, she has scaled her business to six figures by helping other women step into their own unique brilliance. Melina is the founder of The Limitless Life Method, a transformational 90-day program that is focused on reprogramming your mentality and energy around money to design a unique strategy that delivers unlimited earning potential. Her approach is inspirational and fun, and her clients gain confidence and competence in their daily habits through techniques that stick. She has helped women build their new financial reality, which includes scaling businesses to reach six figures, ditching their money blocks, and attracting 5-figure clients. Her entertaining, high-vibe energy is what makes her programs unique – teaching her clients exactly how to blend strategy with inspired action to create the income and impact they were destined to make. If you are ready to take the next step and get some coaching, check out her website The Limitless life method.

8. Steve Bacon (@belief.theory)

Steve Bacon(@belief.theory) is the leader of Belief Theory, one of the fastest-growing accountability communities in 2020. Steve’s personal experiences, proven case studies, dynamic energy, and passionate comedic delivery have made him an in-demand self-image coach. Belief Theory is a trusted life coaching community where the members are held accountable for their goals and are coached past limiting self-image to accomplish all that they have set out to achieve. The knowledge that helped people heal people drives Steve and his team to build a world with less suffering, by empowering clients to break free of negative self-image and build generational wealth. Don’t miss your chance to join Belief Theory.

9. Paul Bady (@paulbady)

Paul Bady is the Founder of Lions and Legions Coaching. He started his company with the simple goal of helping as many people as possible by providing content that is entertaining, valuable, and accessible. He offers individual coaching for people looking to overcome challenges in their personal or professional lives. His YouTube videos focus on leadership development lessons and personal growth tips. Targeting adults looking to make a change in their life or people who are struggling to overcome hurdles that are preventing them from achieving their goals, he wants to help them all. Paul believes coaching is about meeting people where they are and finding ways to help them elevate themselves to the next level. Paul draws off a lot of personal experiences and uses problem-solving methods to help people get to the root of their issue rather than just focus on quick fixes and the symptoms. To learn how he breaks down issues, check out his YouTube page “Lions and Legions”. There, you can find videos of him responding to people’s questions about career changes, issues at work or just overcoming a challenge in their life. If you are interested in coaching, contact him at [email protected]!

10. Martina Hrubes (@Martinahrubes)

Martina Rios is the Australian go-to girl for Life Transformation Coaching using principles that unravel the subconscious mind and consequently unlock the power everyone has within themselves. As a certified Transformation Master- Life Coach, her niche sits in Life Purpose, Life Goal Achievement, and Happiness. Martina helps empower her clients to live life in alignment with themselves, so they can experience more fulfillment, joy, success, and freedom. Despite her individual one-on-one sessions and online workshops, her most demanded coaching offer is the 8 weeks Discover Your Purpose program, which takes you through a journey of 10 stepping stones including fun activities that will lead you to your authentic self and show you how to live life in FLOW with a clearer direction and intention. With her intuitive, modern, and fun approach, she guides her clients incorporating a holistic perspective of Body-Mind-Soul as she facilitates a truly transformational experience from the inside out. Martina also advocates for her clients to join her transformation community platform that supports them on their journey while having access to other members, online workshops, and exclusive partner programs. If you are looking to elevate your life check out her website!

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