Youth who smoke are risk to COVID-19 in Canada

OTTAWA, Aug. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A global health practitioner and CEO of Taleam Systems Meladul Haq Ahmadzai shares a new report that COVID-19 among young people in Canada is high.
In 2019, the government of Canada forced tobacco industries to make cigarettes in plain package that includes plain cigarettes with no names.Ahmadzai says, “Unfortunately, these kinds of decisions made by government of Canada seems not sound.” He adds, “COVID-19 among younger adults is now the diagnosis we are seeing far too often.”Ahmadzai who studies global health program thinks that the problem may indeed be widespread across the country. He adds, “The World Health Organization (WHO) was alarmed when younger adults started to quit smoking because of e-cigarettes not only in Canada but as well as in USA too.” Last year, in a United Nations meeting the WHO’s Director General said that youth were turning to e-cigarettes and that smoking rates had gone down. According to the WHO director, “Declines in tobacco use amongst males mark a turning point in the fight against tobacco,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. The full report can be viewed here.Ahmadzai signals that the economy needs to stand on two feet. He says, “Canada’s economy is struggling right now, and we need Canadian people to stand on their feet.”Yesterday, the Finance Minister in Canada quit his job after scandals in the Liberal party that lead to his resignation. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will now have to deal with the recession and a possible election in the fall.Taleam Systems is a health technology business based in Canada. The tech business is based in Ottawa and provides computer support to medical clinics and hospitals. To learn more about Taleam Systems, visit website www.taleamsystems.comMedia contact:Meladul Haq Ahmadzai
CEO, Taleam Systems
Phone: 613-521-9229

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