Style Construction Management Ltd

Excellent client service is habitually the hallmark of success in the professional world of interior design. It’s that unwavering [...]

TalentNet Inc.

In the recruiting and staffing business, the ability to represent industry leaders in highly competitive marketplaces depend on quick access [...]

Angstrom Engineering

Over the past quarter of a century Angstrom Engineering of Kitchener, Ontario has consistently built upon its sound international reputation [...]


Just over a year ago The Canadian Business Journal conducted an exclusive interview with executives from The Christian Labour Association of [...]

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EllisDonInnovative Leaders at the Forefront of Sustainable Construction Practices

City of Yorkton

The City of Yorkton plays a vital role in Saskatchewan’s industrial cog. Nestled just west of the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border, today [...]

City of Weyburn

The City of Weyburn, home to “the Greatest Canadian” Tommy Douglas, is a medium-sized Saskatchewan community about an hour’s [...]

Sun Rivers

Ten years ago the company’s vision was to create a resort community with a bundle of lifestyle amenities to cater to any standard of [...]

YMCA of Western Ontario

The YMCA has been a strong community voice supporting Canadian families for many years. This month, The Canadian Business Journal explores the [...]