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3M to Provide N95 Masks for Canada

CBJ — 3M CEO Mike Roman (pictured) managed to reach an agreement with U.S. President Donald Trump that will see the Minnesota-based company continue to provide N95 masks to the Canadian [...]

Ford Producing Face Shields

CBJ — Ford Motor Company of Canada is now making face shields at its Windsor location. The shift in manufacturing to the shields is to help protect Canadian medical personnel and first [...]

Farmers Face Crop Losses

CBJ — Canadian farmers are expressing concerns that the mandatory COVID-19 quarantines imposed on incoming seasonal foreign workers will have a serious impact on the amount of fruits and [...]

Trump Threatens Oil Tariffs

CBJ — U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening to impose tariffs on oil imports as a means of protecting American energy workers. Oil prices have plummeted over the past year and [...]

Canadians Grow Impatient Waiting for Aid

CBJ – There has been a lot of positive talk coming from high-ranking members of the federal government about helping Canadians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has repeatedly stated [...]

Oil Production Fight Continues

CBJ — Last week there had been hope the fight that has led to increased oil drilling by both Russia and Saudi Arabia would come to an end on Monday, but the scheduled meeting has been [...]

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