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A global leader providing end-to-end solutions for HD video streaming, recording, management and delivery on-premise, over the Internet and in the cloud, Haivision’s expertise spans across education, medical, enterprise, government, and sports and entertainment markets.

As the appetite for visual content steadily increases, Haivision solutions help enterprises strengthen their communications with HD video and rich media experiences. From streaming video at large-scale events with worldwide audiences such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, to keeping financial traders up to date on the latest breaking news, to connecting integrated operating rooms within the world’s leading hospitals, Haivision enables companies to maximize efficiencies and collaboration with digital media.

With more than 15,000 video solution systems installed worldwide and delivery of media to 5 million devices daily, Haivision products and services are sold through more than 300 market-focused OEMs, integrators and resellers. The company has offices based in Montreal, Chicago and Atlanta, with technical excellence centre’s in Beaverton, Ore., Austin, Texas, and Hamburg, Germany.

Comprehensive Solutions

Since the company’s founding in 2004, Haivision has continued to accelerate its market presence through constant innovation, adoption of cutting- edge video technology and an ongoing expansion of the company’s service offerings. Haivision was the first company to develop high performance and low latency technology for H.264 (a standard for video compression and one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high definition video), supporting high definition up to 1080p60. Today, the company is viewed as a leader in enterprise performance IP video solutions.

With the rapid adoption of live and on-demand video communications, the distribution and management of rich media content is becoming critical for enterprises. From facilitating real-time communications and collaboration across distributed and remote workforces, to conducting employee and student training, clients look to Haivision solutions to assist them in contributing, managing, and distributing this type of content to any platform and handheld device with an emphasis on high performance and security.

With the goal of supporting its commitment to enterprise, medical and government customers, Haivision has implemented a number of quality-focused systems and processes that meet the highest industry standards. In fact, Haivision was recently awarded two certifications: ISO 9001:2008 (which standardizes the quality management system supporting the design, development, production, installation, and servicing of the company’s products, services and the systems for continually improving those processes); and ISO 13485:2003, a similar standard specifically required to be a supplier to the medical industry.

Peter Maag, Chief Marketing Officer with Haivision, told The Canadian Business Journal, “We have grown through the development of end-to-end solutions. The competitive market is extremely fragmented and, with our channel, we can address all of the different industries occupied by our competitors. We are the only company that spans across these different industries, uniting technologies and providing a single point of influence for the channel.”

Company’s History

Beginning in 2004, Haivision was established through the acquisition of Miranda Media Networks, a division of Miranda Technologies. Originally focused on high performance video encoding and decoding within the telepresence and distance education space, Haivision’s service offering soon expanded to unite viewers with integrated IP video and rich media elements.

“After acquiring Miranda Technologies, we took a solid position in expanding our product line. We’re focused on vertical market segments and we’re very channel focused. That philosophy has kept with us for our entire history,” Maag explained.

Haivision recognized that its strongest growth area was through the adoption of network video technology, and began to establish a greater presence for this side of its business. Five years later, Haivision Systems, as it was known at the time, merged with Video Furnace to become Haivision. Over the years, Haivision continued to adopt a full suite of technologies that bring its customers a complete solution for the future of video management and distribution.

The Technology

One of the flagship products of Haivision’s end-to-end platform includes its hardware video encoder/decoder called Makito, which is renowned for having revolutionized performance HD H.264 applications. In 2012, Haivision introduced the next generation of this encoder as part of the Makito™ X series, a high-performance H.264 video encoding platform that delivers advanced HD picture quality and density. The company’s Furnace IP video system is an on-demand, software-based solution that manages secure video across enterprise networks. CoolSign, a popular solution for digital signage networks across the education and enterprise sectors, has a unique ability to integrate IP video and digital signage within enterprise media.

Another important area of growth for the company, KulaByte helps organizations distribute media to any device via Internet streaming. An over-the-top (OTT) media distribution solution, KulaByte delivers the highest quality online content stream to a range of platforms and is one of the first cloud-based video transcoding technologies.

Haivision continues to develop new technology to expand its position as a leading provider of video solutions and recently has entered the market of Internet media delivery and cloud-based solutions. With a transition toward online video platforms, Haivision continues to develop comprehensive solutions to meet these environments, along with new technologies that improve the user experience through adaptable, multi-screen video streaming capabilities.